The Olympic Art Show in conjunction with The Bacchae was awesome! It was great to be surrounded by so much art and so many talented artists, actors and directors! I am very much looking forward to the Art Show next year! One other thing you might notice if you re-read the "About B & B Glassworks" section just to the right, is that we are now "award winning" glass artists! There was a team of judges from the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) who went around and juried all the pieces for the show and we won an honorable mention for two of our pieces! Our Dove at Dawn (pictured below) and our Pyramidhead piece both won awards.


We have received two exciting pieces of news this past month! One is that one of our windows is featured in an advertising poster for an art show we're participating in that is combined with a play!
The other is that we received our acceptance packet for the Grandview Lazy Daze of Summer festival! We did Lazy Daze last year and it was a great show, but the summer weather didn't cooperate with us and it ended up being oppressively hot. There were a couple festival volunteers who actually succumbed to heat exhaustion! Let's hope that it's a little cooler this year!


We also received our welcome packet for Backwoods Fest! Last year was the first year we'd been there and it blew our minds. We are really excited to be a part of such a great show!


We received our welcome packet for Prairie Peddler this week! We’ve always enjoyed visiting that show and shopping, and can’t wait to be vendors this year!


We are busily filling orders and trying to build up some more stock for our shows! This season we will have some exciting new pieces and some crowd favorites back! We hope you all can make it out to some of our shows!


We had the first day of our first show of the 2011 season today. It was exciting to get back in the swing of things, and being able to do that while helping out the band at Grove City High School is great! We are looking forward to a long and wonderful show season this year. We're trying some new ones and revisiting some of the ones we've done in the past that were a lot of fun.